FAFSA Workshop--January 6, 2015 6 to 8 p.m.

at HHS Room G201

****Hillsboro High School along with an representative from both ISAC (Samia Ahmad) and Blackburn College (Justin Norwood) will be hosting a FAFSA Completion Workshop on January 6.  This workshop provides students and parents an opportunity to complete their FAFSA.  You should contact the counseling office ASAP to register as the number of participants are limited to the number of computers available.  This workshop will be opened from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.****

 What information do I need to complete my FAFSA????

1. Social Security Number, for yourself and your parent(s)

2. Records of income, such as income earned from work and business, child support paid or received and any other untaxed income. If available, refer to the W-2 froms or Federal Tax Return IRS 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ.


3. Information about assets, such as savings, certificates of deposit, stock options, bonds, 529 plans and other college saving programs;  and investment real estate, business and farm.


4. Driver’s License number, if you have one

5.  Federal Student Aid PIN Number (see link below)

6. Alien Registration Number, if you are not a U.S. Citizen


***DID YOU KNOW... Some GRANTS are given on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis.  Students who may be eligible for these GRANTS should apply as soon as possible after JANUARY 1ST.***

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District News

 Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year for HCUSD# 3


Food Allergy Management Program 

While it is not possible for the District to completely eliminate the risks of exposure to allergens when students come to school, a cooperative effort among students' families, staff members, and students helps the District reduce these risks and provide accommodations and proper treatment for allergic reactions. Click here to view procedures concerning food allergies currently in place at HCUSD#3. 

New Website 

There are many changes this year in the Hillsboro school district system including this new website.  Please check the website often for changes as the year progresses.  Questions, comments or if you would like something posted on this website please e-mail


Paying Online School Fees 

Hillsboro CUSD #3 offers a more convenient way to pay all school fees (food service, registration, activities, etc.).  You can choose to pay online or at the school offices with a credit/debit card, cash, or checks.  
    ›Download Instructions for Setting up the Online Payment Account


General Announcements 

District policy states that the Food Service department will provide an alternate lunch consisting of a cheese sandwich, fruit or vegetable, and milk for any student whose Food Service account balance is negative by $25 or more.  If you would like to set up a plan to pay off the balance owed, please contact Kyle Hacke at 217-532-2942 or email at

Alumni Directory

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